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"I have worked with Digital Spark on several SEO project for both large enterprises as well as small companies. Always brought the same level of professionalism and dedication to each project. In both instances they are able to deliver strong results."

Saleem Jumabhoy
Vice President, Marketing

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Competitors Analysis

For any search engine optimisation (SEO) initiative to succeed it is of paramount importance to understand the competitor’s strategy, their tactics and the reasons behind their success.

A Comprehensive Overview of the Competition

It is not only important to analyse your main market competitors but also to analyse related websites that are occupying spots in the SERPs (search engine results pages) for your target keywords.

In-depth Site Analysis

To provide you with the competitive edge required to maximise the potential of your website, we will conduct an in-depth comparative analysis with your competitors. This will include keyword selection, meta-tag optimisation, page content, link popularity and search engine ranking. This analysis will determine what is and isn’t working within your current strategy. This valuable information will enable you to restructure your SEO strategy with an advantage over your competitors.

Conducting a professional analysis of your competitors SEO strategy prior to making a major investment in a search engine marketing campaign will save you a lot of time and money.

The Importance of Knowing the SEO Strategy of your Competitors

Knowing how your competitors are attracting traffic and raking highly in the search engines will put you one step ahead. This will help you formulate an effective SEO strategy which is the most important aspect in formulating a successful Internet marketing plan.


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