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"I have worked with Digital Spark on several SEO project for both large enterprises as well as small companies. Always brought the same level of professionalism and dedication to each project. In both instances they are able to deliver strong results."

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Keyword Research & Analysis

A Keyword Analysis will help reveal the most appropriate keywords and keyword phrases for your website. Implementing the correct keywords and keyword phrases is essential in successfully targeting your customer base. Keywords and keyword phrases form the basis of a successful search engine optimisation campaign for your business.

What is the Keyword Research and Analysis based on?

Keyword research and analysis is based on Competitiveness, Popularity, Effectiveness and Relevance. This research will help to find keywords and keyword phrases which are relevant to your business and widely searched by your target audience.

Long-Tail Keywords

In addition to the main keywords and keyword phrases, it is also important to target long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords and keyword phrases are words and phrases only moderately targeted by your competitors. However, these are words and phrases which still receive a substantial amount of searches from your target audience. Targeting long-tail keywords and keyword phrases will divert traffic to your website and give you a considerably better return on your online marketing campaign.

Areas of Keyword Analysis

Successful SEO is always keyword driven. Keyword research and analysis scrutinizes keywords used in title tags, the anchor text of inbound and internal links and the entire body text of the site.

A Competent Keyword Strategy means more Customers

A solid keyword strategy coupled with clear business objectives will not only deliver more visitors to your website, but deliver visitors who are genuinely interested in your product or service. This means more leads, more conversions, more customers and faster sales leading to a higher ROI.

By finding, refining and grouping the correct keywords into manageable robust lists, you will be able to target a larger consumer base. This will ultimately result in more customers for your business.

A Digital Spark Keyword Research and Analysis will determine the most effective keywords for the following keyword categories:

  • Generic Term Keywords
  • Comparison Based Keywords
  • Product and Brand Specific Keywords
  • Location/Geo Combination Keywords
  • Call to Action Specific Keywords

The correct keyword selection strategy defines the success of any search engine optimisation campaign. Start increasing your traffic and sales now with search engine optimisation service by Digital Spark.


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