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"I have worked with Digital Spark on several SEO project for both large enterprises as well as small companies. Always brought the same level of professionalism and dedication to each project. In both instances they are able to deliver strong results."

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What is Link Popularity/Link Building?

Link popularity is defined by the amount of quality websites which contain a link that directs a user to a page on your website. A Link Popularity Campaign is something which requires careful planning and implementation over a considerable period of time. The attainment of quality back-links is not an easy process and is certainly not something that you can achieve in a few days.

Why is Link is Popularity Important?

Link popularity can rapidly increase your page rankings and overall SEO achievement. If you have links placed on highly ranked websites that contain relevance to the page you are linking into, this will increase your popularity amongst the search engines.

A Poor Linking Strategy

Digital Spark research suggests that over 70% of websites are underperforming when it comes to link popularity. Simply scattering links in websites that have zero relevance to the product or service you offer can be detrimental to your link popularity. You may achieve some traffic by doing this, but the majority of this traffic will come from accidental or random clicks. Link popularity is all about quality not quantity. Two quality links per month will benefit you far more in the long term than twenty links per month with irrelevant or poorly ranked sites.

Good Traffic Feedback

Masking your link on a site to represent a service other than that of your business in order to generate clicks is considered unethical (black-hat) SEO. This behaviour will ultimately see you become ignored by the search engines. To be viewed as a popular link you need to achieve 'good traffic feedback'. For example; if a user clicks through to your site from an external link, stays on your site for some time, clicks around for a while and subsequently revisits, this would be considered 'good traffic feedback'.

If a user clicks through to your site from an external link and closes the window immediately because the content has no relevance to the link, this would be considered 'bad traffic feedback'. Whilst there is some speculation surrounding how search engines summarise user feedback, the general consensus among SEO experts is that transparent links and the length of time a visitor stays on a site are important aspects of SEO.

Avoid Link Farms

Link Farms should be avoided at all costs. Link Farms are websites which exist only to link to other sites. Search engines view Link Farms as cheating (black hat SEO). Attempting to inflate your popularity by any other means except ethical SEO will see your popularity decline and even generate a possible ban from the likes of Google and Yahoo.

Our Link Building Process

At Digital Spark we maintain a 100% ethical link building process. We plan a strategy of linking with reputable, relevant and high ranking sites. We establish realistic goals, teach you how to establish relationships with other websites and offer you online management support.


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