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"I have worked with Digital Spark on several SEO project for both large enterprises as well as small companies. Always brought the same level of professionalism and dedication to each project. In both instances they are able to deliver strong results."

Saleem Jumabhoy
Vice President, Marketing

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PPC Campaign Setup

The Importance of PPC Campaign Structure

Like any form of marketing campaign, PPC Campaign structure is vitally important in achieving results and yielding high returns. Testing all your relevant keywords will leave you with perhaps hundreds of keywords and keyword phrases to target. This is the point where the majority of PPC campaigns begin to fall apart. Grouping, expanding and structuring your keywords and subsequent marketing strategy requires experience and PPC campaign management expertise.

At Digital Spark we help you develop an exhaustive list of relevant keywords. Once this foundation is built, we strategically expand and group the keywords that withhold the best potential for your business. At this stage we map out your campaign by setting specific, measurable and achievable goals.

Adgroup Planning

Adgroup planning is an extremely important part of your PPC campaign. Knowing the best keywords and keyword phrases to put inside an adgroup will ultimately determine how successful your PPC campaign becomes.

At Digital Spark, we map out your adgroups so that successfully converting adwords are easily identifiable. Rather than lumping keywords together in the same adgroup, we compose targeted adverts for specific keywords. This technique will save you from spending money on speculative keywords that will not convert.

Adcopy Writing

Once we have identified your keywords and created specific adgroups, we create targeted adcopy for each particular adgroup. The adcopy is the text a consumer will see when viewing a page impression relating to your product or service. This copy needs to be targeted, engaging, enticing and compelling enough for a visitor to click your advert above similar adverts placed by your competitors on the same page. Effective Adcopy always attracts higher CTR (Click Through Ration) and compliments your CPC with higher quality score.

Bid Strategy Planning

For each keyword you want to secure for advertising purposes, you will need to make a bid. For example; you may bid $1 on the top spot for the phrase ‘lawyer for hire’, but a day later another person may bid $1.05 for the same phrase. This will see you drop down into second place. Rather than entering an expensive bidding war with your competitor, you may want to accept second place for this term and then secure first place for an alternative variation of the term. This is one component of a PPC bid strategy.

Digital Spark will develop a bid strategy in-line with your budget requirements. Our general strategy aims to avoid money sucking bidding wars and target quality traffic through a mixture of popular and long-tail keywords.


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