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"I have worked with Digital Spark on several SEO project for both large enterprises as well as small companies. Always brought the same level of professionalism and dedication to each project. In both instances they are able to deliver strong results."

Saleem Jumabhoy
Vice President, Marketing

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Quality over Quantity

Attracting quality traffic requires extensive market and keyword research. ‘Quality’ traffic is targeted traffic which is genuinely interested in your product or service. At Digital Spark we target visitors who fit the following demographic:

  • Relevant, Popular & Conversion Focused
  • Lower CPC with high conversion ratio.
  • Visitors who enter the site and browse around with intent.
  • Visitors who complete a transaction or convert into a lead.
  • Visitors who reside in countries and regions that you are targeting.
  • Visitors who will provide repeat business.
Budgeting for the Right Keywords

Trying to secure singular, very popular keywords can be expensive. At Digital Spark, we embark on an extensive research campaign to find keywords that will provide quality traffic but won’t cost you a fortune. So many businesses make the mistake of paying over the odds for highly ranked keywords which ultimately do not end up providing a positive ROI. PPC losses are common amongst new web businesses that lack strategy, effective keyword research and competent budget estimation.

Don’t throw money down the drain; make your PPC campaign a successful one. Contact us today to discuss your PPC keyword research and budget expectations.


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